Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying Policy

LAPFCS is committed to protecting its students, employees, and applicants for admission from bullying, harassment, or discrimination based on the actual or perceived characteristics set forth in Penal Code Section 422.5, Education Code Section 220 and actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race or ethnicity, ethnic group identification, ancestry, nationality, national origin, religion, color, mental or physical disability, age, immigration status or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics, in any program or activity it conducts or to which it provides significant assistance.

LAPFCS believes that all students and employees have a right to a safe, equitable and harassment-free school environment. As a school, we have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. LAPFCS prohibits any acts of discrimination, harassment, and bullying on any area of the school campus, at school-sponsored events and activities, regardless of location, through school-owned technology and through other electronic means, consistent with this policy. Bullying, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated and shall be just cause for disciplinary action.

What is “bullying”?

“Bullying” is defined as any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act or conduct including communications made in writing or by means of an electronic act, and including one or more acts committed by a student group or group of students that constitute sexual harassment, hate violence or creates an intimidating or hostile educational environment, directed toward one or more students that has or can be reasonably predicted to have the effect of one or more of the following (CA Education Code Section 48900):

  1. Placing a reasonable pupil or pupils in fear or harm to that pupil’s or those pupils’ person or property.
  2. Causing  a reasonable  pupil to experience  a substantially detrimental  effect on his or her physical or mental health.
  3. Causing a reasonable pupil to experience a substantial interference with his or her academic performance.
  4. Causing a reasonable pupil to experience a substantial interference with his or her ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by LAPFCS.


Cyberbullying is an electronic act that includes the transmission of harassing communication, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, or images on the internet, social media, or other technologies using a telephone, computer, or any wireless communication device. Cyberbullying also includes breaking into another person’s electronic account and assuming that person’s identity in order to damage that person’s reputation.

Reporting an act of bullying

LAPFCS expects all students and/or staff to immediately report incidents of bullying to the Principal. Staff are expected to immediately intervene when they see a bullying incident occur. Each complaint of bullying should be promptly investigated. This policy applies to students on school grounds, while traveling to and from school or a school-sponsored activity, during the lunch period, whether on or off campus, and during a school-sponsored activity.

To ensure bullying does not occur on school campuses LAPFCS will provide staff training in bullying prevention and cultivate acceptance and understanding in all students and staff in order to build each school’s capacity to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

Teachers should discuss this policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and should assure them that they need not endure any form of bullying. Students who bully are in violation of this policy and are subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

Student Bullying Code of Conduct

The Student Bullying Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any student who engages in bullying may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.
  • Students are expected to immediately report incidents of bullying to the Principal or designee.
  • Students can rely on staff to promptly investigate each complaint of bullying in a thorough and confidential manner.
  • If the student or the parent of the student feels that appropriate resolution of the investigation or complaint has not been reached, the student or the parent of the student should contact the Principal. The school system prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complainant or any participant in the complaint process. Intervention and Investigation

The procedures for intervening in bullying behavior include, but are not limited to the following:

  • All staff, students and their parents will receive a summary of this policy prohibiting bullying.
  • The school will make reasonable efforts to keep a report of bullying and the results of investigation confidential.
  • Staff members are expected to immediately intervene when they see a bullying incident occur.
  • People witnessing or experiencing bullying are encouraged to report the incident; such reporting will not reflect on the victim or witnesses in any way.
  • After an investigation, the school will implement consequences based on LAPFCS’s discipline policy.