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Welcome to the Parent Center


Welcome parents to LAPCHS Promise Parent page. The parent center serves as a safe place for parents to be involved in their child’s school and at the same time learn more about the different opportunities being offered to students and parents. Parent’s are able to access resources online by using desktop computers readily available in the parent center as well as participating in events that bring knowledge to students about the different cultures that surround us. This space also allows you to learn more on the different resources that your child has to attend college. You are more than welcome to visit the parent center whenever necessary.


Promise Parent College


Promise Parent College (PPC) is a series of trainings that build’s capacity to best support their child’s academic success. PPC runs February 8 - March 15 from 9:15-11:00am=. The trainings include topics such as understanding your child’s report card, calculating their GPA, learning the resources available at your child’s school and community, pathway to college, among other topics. The training ends with a culmination ceremony, in which parents participate in a raffle for different prizes. Parent who attend all 6 classes are eligible to participate in the $500 scholarship raffle. Parent who attend 4 of the 6 classes are eligible to participate in the $250 scholarship raffle. If you have any questions or would like to sign up please contact our Parent Engagement Coordinator, Ms. Virginia Cortez at or 424.261.4354.


Parent Volunteers


Parent Volunteers are always welcomed at LAPCHS whether in the classroom or during school events. We welcome ideas in which parents can collaborate to help the community become a more beautiful environment or ideas that can bring the parent community closer as a family. Parents who are interested in volunteering must submit a volunteer application and a TB Test for clearance. Parents who wish to volunteer more than 16 hours a week must also submit a Life scan.


Coffee with the Principal


Coffee with the Principal serves as an opportunity to talk to your child’s principal about any questions or concerns that you may have about the school or your child’s learning and how to better support your child’s success in their academic endeavor. This also serves as an opportunity to connect with other parents who form part of the LAPCHS community. The following topics pertain to the upcoming Coffee with the Principal meetings. Topics include, volunteering and support, Advocacy, and Common Core/ understanding your child’s report card.


School Wellness Committee


Our SSC adopted Wellness Policy for LAPF it dictates we that we convene a District wide wellness committee called the Schools Wellness Committee. The SWC will tackle special wellness projects such as – Breakfast in the Classroom, mobile clinic visits, staff wellness, mental health topics, physical activity  nutrition, health workshops for families, and of course, health and wellness topics that the members want to bring up and discuss. Next meeting is March 6 at 1:15pm. Anyone interested in joining the committee can reach out to Ms. Herbert by contacting the Main Office.



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