Innovation-Based Learning


Innovation-Based Learning(IBL) Defined: Learning that engages students to apply concepts and critical thinking to create better solutions to complex problems.


LA’s Promise Charter High School #1 will instill the value of life-long learning by making substantive connections between classroom instruction and real world, workplace applications. This will be accomplished by infusing innovation based learning, digital learning, and internship and mentorship opportunities with local experts from in demand occupation fields into the typical school day.


Goals for Long-term Student Success


1. Establish a ubiquitous college-going culture


2. Create substantive connections between classroom instruction and real world, workplace applications


3. Foster rich and mutually respectful relationships between adult educators and students to inform personalized instruction


4. Strong emphasis on the development of academic language and formal register for all students


5. Encourage the modeling of life-long learner outlook and teamwork among teachers, while providing them with ongoing professional development that facilitates growth and refinement of pedagogical skills.

Film & Television Production


During the regular school day, LA Promise Charter High School #1 will take full advantage of local economic assets in the film and entertainment industry by providing students with A-G elective courses that expose them to technical skills related to the film, television, and entertainment industries.


LAPCHS#1 students may elect to enroll in the following elective course options: Design, Stage Design, Filmmaking, Filmmaking Production, Photography, Photo Production, Graphic Design, Digital Imaging Production, Cartooning and Animation.


LA Trade Technical College


LA Promise Charter High School currently partners with Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) to provide dual enrollment opportunities to students. The LATTC dual enrollment program affords students the opportunity to enroll in a collegiate level course taught by a community college instructor. Students that pass will receive college credit for the appropriate digital media course offered at LATTC.


 The dual enrollment program exposes high school students to the rigors of post-secondary education, advances the instructional goal of cultivating a college going culture, and rewards students who persist with college credit, thereby decreasing the cost of obtaining a college degree.



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